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I know that for some of us, this topic does not seem overly exciting.  As soon as we hear business terms, our eyes may glaze over and a sudden urge to take a nap may overcome us…but this is really important for any organization.  Whether it be a church, a business, a non-profit, or even a Haitian orphanage, the structure of an organization sets it up to either succeed or fail.  There are definitely other aspects of a ministry and an organization that will help it to move forward, and we will talk about those things in subsequent posts, but I do want to take some time to describe the current structure of All Things New.

We currently have 2 separate and specific groups of people that make up the structure of All Things New.  We have our board of directors that have been formally established as the decision-making body through legal documentation in both our incorporation papers and our 501c3 application to the IRS.  Any time there is a big decision to make (ie. purchasing land, entering into contracts, when we adopted our current by-laws, etc.) we will come before our board and make sure that we have agreement on moving our organization forward.  You can find out more about our board by clicking here.  As we move forward with our organization, we plan on adding other members to our board as well.  We hope that our board will always have a diverse skill set and that these sets of skills will help All Things New continually improve.  It was important initially (and this role will always be of highest importance) that we had an accountant on our board and David has helped us out immensely in our start up.  It was also important that we had people that we trusted and people that we know love our kids and this ministry and Chase and Natalie were perfect in these roles (not to mention their other skills) as they have been there for us every step of the way.  In the future we hope to add people with backgrounds in areas such as fundraising, marketing, law, business, etc. and we ask for your prayers as we strive to consistently have the right people on our board of directors.

The second group of people that make up our organizational structure is our advisory team.  Our advisory team was established informally in the very early stages of our development, and we would definitely not be where we are without this team.  This team is made up of people who love not only All Things New, but Jess and I as well, and their opinions and ideas are very important to us.  We trust the members of this team implicitly and we have no doubt that they will always be a part of this ministry.  Our advisory team is made up of Mark and Karen Whalen, Bill and Mike Bush (my parents), Phil and Jill Atter (Jessica’s parents), Chase and Angela Covington, Jared and Natalie Nobles, and Rhanda Hardee (with Debbie Speaks and Amy Kelley being on this team before their moves and we still consider them to be a part of this team now!).  I mentioned before that this team was formed informally, and while that is true, they have been of utmost importance to our growth and organization.  We meet around a table at the Whalen’s home at least monthly (oftentimes more) to discuss whatever is going on with All Things New.  Many of the ideas that we have had (fundraising dinners, the Sept. 21 celebration, our mission statement, etc.) come directly from these meetings.  Even more important than that, however, is the fact that every time Jess and I leave one of these meetings we feel completely encouraged…We feel like we are supported completely and that this ministry really will happen!  We also come away from these meetings knowing that some of the Godliest people that we know are praying for us constantly!

I share these things with you for a couple of reasons.

  1. So that you will know how seriously we take this ministry and how diligent we are in making sure that what GOD wants to do through us will happen!  We do not take lightly this honor and responsibility, and we want to have as many people as we can holding us accountable and making sure that we are seeking GOD every step of the way.
  2. We want for everyone who is involved intimately in this organization to be prayed for by each of you who read this post.  It is not just Jessica and I who are pouring our lives into this ministry.  There are many people (including most every reader of this blog) who are sacrificing their own lives to ensure that GOD’s will is done through All  Things New.

So, hopefully you made it all the way to the end of the blog.  I know that sometimes reading about topics such as these can seem boring or tedious, but I wanted each of you to know that we do not take this ministry lightly and that we will always operate to the best of our ability.  We understand that it is only through GOD’s power that this ministry can succeed.  We do not doubt Him in anyway and we are excited about what He is going to do through All Things New.  We also know that He has given us certain abilities and certain knowledge that He wants us to use as we move forward and we are so thankful that we have people holding us accountable as we use these things for the glory of GOD!

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  1. Scott and Kirsten Brown says:

    Praying for God’s continued guidance and favor for All Things New…we stand amazed and in awe if all He has done through you already!!! Very much looking forward to meeting you on Sept 21st. My Husband and I are Praying about supporting a child!! Blessings

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