School Sponsorships

School Sponsors

There are 4 children who are no longer with us but who we still pay for school/books/uniforms for them so that they could be reunited with their families.  We only need 1 sponsor per child because we are only providing educational costs and nothing else.  Even when these kids were at the old orphanage, these children spent most of their time with their families off campus.  We agreed to continue helping them with school while the need persisted.  Because these children are below the age of 18 and do not live with us, we will not list names or post pictures of these children.  If you choose to sponsor them, we will get their family’s permission to send you photos and updates of how they are doing.

  • Child #1 – Needs 1 Sponsor
  • Child #2 – Needs 1 Sponsor
  • Child #3 – Needs 1 Sponsor