Older Kids

On this page we will introduce you to the kids (or should we say young adults) who have aged-out of orphan care in Haiti but who we still work with in different ways.  Whereas we try to find 10 sponsors per child that lives with us, we lower that number to 5 sponsors for our older children because they do not need the same level of care and help.  As a sponsor for our older children you will help us in the following ways:

  • They receive 10 meals per week minimum (almost always more than that).
  • We offer them work around the facilities so that they can begin to earn money.
  • We continue to pay for their school and educational costs.
  • They have tutoring every day.
  • When they get to a certain point in school we will transfer them to a vocational school to help them learn a marketable trade.
  • Lodging while they are in school and until they reach a certain age.

Here are our older children:

Milouse          Chinaider          Angena
–      Milouse                              Chinaider                           Angena
–   4 Sponsors                         4 Sponsors                       4 Sponsors


Gueline          Fransline          Kin Kin
–       Gueline                                    Fransline                              Kin Kin
–     5 Sponsors                          4 Sponsors                          4 Sponsors

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