Our Last Trip (June 15-27)

July 3, 2013

Our Last Trip (June 15-27)

Our Last Trip (June 15-27)

So, we just got back from Haiti this past Thursday after a couple of weeks being down there.  This trip was great in so many ways.  We took a team down for the first week and then Jess and I stayed for an extra week to try and get some things accomplished that we have […]

June 11, 2013

Faith Part 5 – Believing GOD

Faith Part 5 - Believing GOD

What is the difference between believing in GOD and believing GOD?  There are so many answers to that question, but I think the key to this is found in the book of James: “You believe that there is on GOD.  Good!  Even the demons believe that – and shudder.” James 2:19 How could you not […]

June 6, 2013

Faith Part 4 – Trusting GOD

Faith Part 4 - Trusting GOD

Why is it so hard for so many of us to trust other people?  I’ve noticed this idea before in the simple act of holding a door open for the person behind me.  Almost every time I do, that person feels it necessary to place their hands on the door presumably just in case I […]

June 3, 2013

Faith Part 3 – An Everyday Pursuit

Faith Part 3 - An Everyday Pursuit

As we proceed both with an international adoption and starting an orphanage in Haiti, the idea of faith has been extremely vital to everything we do.  When I have preached at RiverTown Church on a few different occasions, I will occasionally say something like, “There are some topics that I come from a position of […]

May 30, 2013

Faith Part 2 – What is Faith?

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Many people know this verse and use it as their definition of what faith is, and a Biblical definition of faith (at least in my opinion) is a pretty good definition to have. […]

May 28, 2013

Faith Part 1 – The Ups and Downs of the Adoption Process

Faith Part 1 - The Ups and Downs of the Adoption Process

Have you ever noticed how faith can be so easy and so hard at the same time?  All the time I try to think and say that I have faith that GOD will bring our kids to us in His timing, and logically that makes sense.  Logically, it even makes sense that GOD is doing […]

May 23, 2013

The Greatest Advisory Team Ever

If you ever decide to start a non-profit organization, and especially an international orphanage for the first time…I have 1 really big piece of advice for you – Get a Great Advisory Team!   It is so clear that GOD put this team into place because we could never have gotten such a wonderful group […]

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