Living in the Tension

July 2, 2019

Living in the Tension

Living in the Tension

Don’t forget our 100 for $100 campaign.  We are getting close, just click the “donate” button to help us reach our goal! Have you ever thought about or noticed the tension involved in living a life for Christ.  You have phrases like “hate the sin, love the sinner” or beliefs like the trinity where GOD […]

June 17, 2019

Father’s Day and Orphan Care

Father's Day and Orphan Care

Don’t forget our 100 for $100 summer campaign. We are trying to get 100 (or more) people to donate $100 to help us get through this time of not bringing teams down. I had an awesome Father’s Day here in America.  We got up and had my favorite breakfast (blueberry and strawberry muffins), played with […]

June 13, 2019

A New Travel Advisory and Ongoing Protests

A New Travel Advisory and Ongoing Protests

Before I get started, I wanted to make sure you have the chance to give towards our 100 for $100 campaign.  If you can give more or less than $100, that’s ok, but our goal is to get 100 donors to join us!  As many of you know, we were not able to bring teams […]

May 31, 2019

An Update on the Unrest

An Update on the Unrest

Probably more than any other question that I get concerning Haiti right now, especially from those of you who are familiar with and keep up with All Things New, is “How is Haiti?”  I know this question is in regards to the recent unrest that I have been writing about, and that you are really […]

May 28, 2019

Misthafa’s Future

Misthafa's Future

Today we are continuing our “Future’s Series” where we talk about each of our kids and what they hope for their future.  A few months ago, Jess and I sat down with each kid and just talked to them about what they wanted for their lives.  Of course some of them took it more seriously […]

May 20, 2019

Son Son’s Future

Son Son's Future

Today we are getting back to our “Futures” blog.  As you may recall, in 2018, we sat down with each of our kids to talk about their future with them.  We asked what they wanted their lives to look like, what career most interests them, and gave them a chance to talk about their future […]

May 9, 2019

The Level 4 Travel Advisory in Haiti

The Level 4 Travel Advisory in Haiti

I mentioned in the last post that we have had to cancel all of our teams starting in February of 2019 and we are not accepting new teams right now either.  The last blog explains why, but the truth is that no organizations (other than medical orgs who need doctors) should be accepting short term […]

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