An Earthquake in Haiti

October 9, 2018

An Earthquake in Haiti

An Earthquake in Haiti

As you know, we are currently in the midst of blogging about each of our children individually and focusing on what they hope to do with their future.  Our next blog in that series will be about Maekin, and when we met with him to discuss his future I must say it was by far […]

October 1, 2018

Yolmenda’s Future

Yolmenda's Future

Click the button to give to our matching funds campaign and see your donation doubled! Yolmenda, better known as “Da Da” by pretty much everyone who has ever met her, is 18 and our oldest girl living at All Things New.  Back in 2015 we blogged about each of our kids and if you want […]

September 28, 2018

Woodly’s Future

Woodly's Future

Today I would like to share with you what Woodly, our second oldest boy, wants for his future.  In the fall of 2015 we blogged about each of the kids and shared a little background about where they came from and what they are like.  To read Woodly’s blog from 2015, click here and see […]

September 26, 2018

Herbison’s Future

I know that we have been advertising a lot for our matching funds initiative, and if you missed our announcement, we have a new $6,000 matching funds grant!  If you would like to take part in our matching funds grant, just click the donate button or go here.  At the same time, we did not […]

September 25, 2018

Double Your Donation

Double Your Donation

Over the past 3 or 4 days you have probably noticed that All Things New has been advertising a “Matching Funds” opportunity from now until October 15.   What that means is that for the next 3 weeks any donation that you give up to $6,000 will be matched for a total of $12,000 for […]

September 19, 2018

Why We Moved to Haiti

Why We Moved to Haiti

Living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with a 2 and 1-year-old is not an easy task.  Our days start before the sun comes up, last until well after it goes down and typically include meetings with employees, going to schools, punishing kids, praising kids, turning people who need jobs away, trying to […]

September 18, 2018

How We Shop in Haiti

How We Shop in Haiti

Many of you may have heard that we were recently robbed of 2 weeks worth of food and supply money while shopping last month (read yesterday’s blog if missed it).  It occurred to us that most of you probably don’t realize all that goes into getting food and supplies for our kids and also who […]

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