We need prayer more than anything else in this life and in this world!  In the face of many needs, prayer is and will always be the thing that we need the most.  


  • Matt, Jess, Sophie, and Elijah are heading back down to America from June 14 to late August.  Pray for a smooth transition and for the kids while we are gone and pray that our time in America would be restful and productive.
  • School is almost over and our kids are taking their final exams.  June 11-15 is a very important week for our kids so please pray for their finals.
  • Continue to pray for the baby, Ezekyal, that we mentioned in this blog and that we would know how to proceed with his passport, Visa, and ultimately adopting him into our family!


  • Our kids have been doing great these past 3 months while we were here.  They are progressing well in a lot of areas and we were able to meet with each one individually to talk about what they hope to do with their lives (blogs on each child to come).
  • Our last 3 months have been filled with teams as 5 different groups of people have come down and served with ATN.  Each team brought their own strengths down to Haiti and did a great job serving with All Things New.
  • Our New Truck!  You have no idea what a blessing this has been and thank you to everyone who helped us get it.  Click here if you missed the stories.

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