Thank you for visiting our page and for your desire to help All Things New minister in and around Gressier, Haiti.  Our goal is to take care of the children who live at All Things New Orphanage and to expand our ministry as GOD leads us, and we cannot do this without you.  While we are doing GOD’s work on the ground in Haiti, we desperately need people here to help us through prayer, collecting supplies, taking trips to visit and work with our kids, and financial contributions that will be used for the glory of GOD.  You will notice that there is a page connected to this page entitled “PRAYER.”  This page, that will be updated regularly, will give you different ideas of how to support All Things New through prayer and meet the many needs that will arise as we minister in a third world country.  Thank you in advance for your heart for these children and for the nation of Haiti.  While there are many needs here, there are also many wonderful qualities that we hope you will come down and experience for yourself!