Are you interested in getting more involved with All Things New but are not quite sure where to start?  Here are some ideas that might pique your interest, but if they do not, we would love to hear how you could volunteer your time to help our children and our ministry.

  • Join one of our committees.  We currently have 6 committees that we would love for you to join.  The committees are listed below and a brief description of each can be found by clicking the link:
  • Plan a Spirit Night at a local restaurant.  Spirit nights are a great way to get the word out about All Things New, and they are easy to host!  Just let us know you are interested and we will help in whatever way you need.
  • Host a Collection Event.  This does not really need to be an event, but visit our collect items page and help us collect some of the things we need here in the states.  This is especially important when we have teams coming down!