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One of the best ways to get to know our ministry better is to come down and visit Haiti.  We have many options during the year including church sponsored trips, trips sponsored by ATN, and we love it when families come down to visit as well.  We urge every sponsor to come and visit the child they sponsor, to hold their hand, talk with them (through a translator of course), and to see what your monthly donation is doing in the life of your child.  On top of that, it makes a big difference in the lives of our missionaries.  You bring fellowship, english conversations, a break from everyday living, and 50 pound bags worth of things we need!  If you are interested in coming down, please feel out the form on the right and let us know.  We will figure out the best way for you to come and visit.


  • RiverTown Church – February 3 – 7
  • Clearview Chapel, LaGrange, GA.  Led by Chris Daniel.  March 17-21.
  • First Baptist Church, LaGrange, GA.  Led by Tracey Deavors.  March 20-25.
  • Christ’s Church Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL.  Led by Phil Atter.  June 2017.


  • The cost for a trip is $100/person/night and includes the following:
    • Lodging, clean drinking water, showers, and clean bathrooms
    • 3 Meals per day (except for Sunday, meals for Sunday will be provided by the group)
    • Transportation to and from the airport and to and from worksite
  • Any costs associated with the work you will do in Haiti. 
  • Additional potential costs:
    • If you need translators, you will pay them $20/day.
    • If you want to purchase a meal from a local restaurant (run by our house mom manager) the cost is $5/person and the food is wonderful!  This is a good way to get a Sunday meal covered.
    • Each person should bring money for cokes (they are $1 each and go like crazy) and souvenirs as well.


Your work will vary depending on many different things including the skills and expertise of your group, the time of year (i.e. we always bring down a group around Christmas), if you come on a sponsorship trip, and what the current needs are for ATN.  I will list some of the potential projects below, but there are many others that will come up so please remain flexible and try to help us make your trip as beneficial to the children and ministry of All Things New as possible.  Here are some of the potential projects your team could do:

  • VBS in the community
  • Medical Trip
  • Sponsorship Trip
  • Pamper our House Moms (our house moms work hard, it is nice sometimes to give them a break and take over their chores while sending them to lunch, doing their nails, etc.)
  • Maintenance/Painting/Construction Trips as they arise and as teams have expertise in this area.  This could be for both our home and the homes of our employees


For more complete information about a trip to Haiti with ATN, please click on the link and read the document below:


To print out a trip application, please click the link below and return it to the address on our contact us page:


Our devotionals and training packets are being updated and will be made available online soon, check back often for more details.