Collect Items

All Things New will have different needs at different times of the year.  When possible, we buy things in Haiti to help the local economy, but sometimes that is not a viable option.  When things in Haiti are too expensive or too difficult to find, we will list things on this page that we need.  Whether it be an individual donation, a community drive to meet our needs, or asking for a donation from a local business please let us know if you are able to help by filling out the “contact us” form on the right.  We will keep this page as updated as possible and we will communicate when these needs arise.

Current Needs

  • Shampoo, Soap, Toothpaste, Lotion, Vaseline.  These are almost always a need when you are providing for 30 children!
  • Fifa Soccer Game for Xbox 360.  Someone graciously donated an Xbox to the children and they love to play it!  It also works well for us as a reward for good behavior, and our kids are really into soccer!
  • Age Appropriate DVDs.  We do movie nights for our kids from time to time and we would love to have some new movies.  We also do special nights just for our older kids, so they don’t all need to be cartoons!