Giving Tuesday 2017


The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is a day set aside for giving.  This year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match, dollar-for-dollar, every donation made to a registered nonprofit on Facebook up to $50,000 per nonprofit!  We need your help to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to have every donation to ATN matched.  Here is how you can help:

  • Create a fundraiser on your Facebook page by following 1 of these 2 simple steps:
    1. Go to your own Facebook Page.  There should be a “Fundraiser” button on the left side of your news feed and it will then walk you through the steps and help you find All Things New.
    2. Go to the All Things New Facebook page.  Scroll down until you see “Create a Fundraiser” and click on the link.  You will then be taken through the steps to create the fundraiser.
  • Find a Facebook fundraiser for All Things New (or give to your own) starting at 8:00am Giving Tuesday and give so that your gift will be doubled. 
  • Make sure that you communicate with all of your friends that every Facebook donation will be matched dollar for dollar.  This is a huge incentive to give!

We really appreciate your support and willingness to help us in this way.  Here are the rules associated with the Matching Funds.  Take the time to read them and help us  make sure we take advantage of this incredible opportunity:

  • The donation has to be made through a Facebook Donate Button beginning at 8:00am on Giving Tuesday (Nov 28).
  • Facebook will waive all fees associated with giving to a registered nonprofit.
  • Each nonprofit is eligible for up to $50,000 in matching funds.
  • The Foundation will only match $1,000 per Donate Button which means we would need 50 people to create fundraisers of $1,000 each, so follow the above steps and set up a fundraiser for ATN!
  • There is $2 million of matching funds set aside for the day, and when those funds run out, donations will no longer be matched (though all fees will be waived for the entire Giving Tuesday).

This is an incredibly simple way to help ATN be able to continue to ministry here in Haiti and it requires very little work.  Help us get the word out about this opportunity and make your donation count on Giving Tuesday!