ATN Christmas 2018!

Would you like to purchase a Christmas gift for one of our wonderful children this year?  Every year we have a Christmas party at the end of January and each of our kids are allowed to ask for 1 special gift each year.  Some years they asked for bikes, once we allowed them to ask for iPhones (never again), last year goats were the present of choice, and this year all you have to do is click this link to see what our kids are asking for for Christmas!

I wish everyone could come down for the party and to see the looks on the kids’ faces each year as they unwrap their gifts.  The party usually consists of good food (rice and beans, chicken, coke, cake, etc.), singing, dancing, and usually Woodly or one of our older boys are chosen as the “DJ” of the party.  When the party is over, we kick all of our guests out (each kid is allowed to invite a friend and all of our employees are invited) and go to our house for the kids to open their special gift.  If you would like to help make this tradition a reality, click the link above, choose one of our kids, and purchase one of the options from the registry.  If you are a sponsor we would love for you to purchase your sponsored child’s gift, and even if you are not but want to be a part of this day, we greatly appreciate your donation and…