A New Truck!

The Need:  A New Truck

What Will It Be Used For:  A new truck will be used to transport kids to and from school on rainy days, go into the market several times a week to pick up supplies, take the kids on special day trips like to the beach or a local restaurant, and transport our family and teams to and from the airport in Port au Prince (about a 2 hour drive).

Why: This is an urgent need as our old trucks are no longer working on a regular basis and being in Haiti without a working vehicle can be dangerous.

Info About the New Truck:  The new truck is a Kia Flatbed brand new from the dealership.  This would be a huge upgrade for a lot of reasons, but the main 3 reasons are that this truck is bigger, safer, and more reliable.

Price (after taxes and add-ons):  $30,000

Raised to Date:  $13,200

Current Need:  $16,800

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