Our Story

Matt and Jess2

We are so excited about this ministry that GOD has called us to in Haiti.  These children are so incredible, and it has been an awesome experience to fall in love with these children that we have only met a few times.  There have been so many things that have happened in our lives to bring us to this point in our lives.  We have so much farther to go in our relationship with Jesus, but we are so excited to see what He does with the rest of our lives.  We also wanted to give you the story of how we came to this point in our lives together.

So, we wrote 2 different stories without each other’s help with the plan that we would come together and combine those stories into 1.  Instead, after reading the story that the other wrote, we realized how different our thought processes were in talking about how GOD brought us here.  So we decided to keep the stories separate and post both of them.  We hope you enjoy learning a little more about how GOD brought us to this point in our lives, and we hope that our heart for each other, for this ministry, and most importantly for our Savior is evident as you read.

MATT’S STORY                                 JESSICA’S STORY