Haiti holds a special place in our hearts!  It was soon after our first trip to that nation in December of 2002 that we began dating and eventually married…It is amazing how GOD is bringing us full circle.  Almost exactly 9 years later in December of 2011, we took our second trip to Haiti, and the people and culture stole our hearts.  On this page, we want to show you some facts about Haiti.  The purpose of these facts is to show the difficult road that this nation has ahead of itself to become a place where people can live and thrive.  This is not to disparage this wonderful country in any way because we love Haiti and its people.  We just want to give you a picture of some of the unique challenges that we will face as we minister here:



  • Haiti fought for and obtained freedom from French rule on January 1, 1804.
  • Haiti was the first free black republic in the world.
  • Haiti also completed the first slave rebellion which ended in a free state.
  • Approximately 9.8 million people live in Haiti (which is about the size of Delaware)
    • About 2.1 million people live in Port Au Prince
  • There are 2 official Haitian Languages:  French and Haitian Creole


  • Haiti has a diverse religious landscape:  80% Roman Catholic, 16% Protestant, 4% non-religious.
  • While over 96% of the population profess Christ as Savior, over 50% practice voodoo with an even greater number affected by the prevalence of this pagan religion.


  • Free public education in Haiti, while it exists, only serves a small minority of the population, the vast majority pay to attend private school.
  • The Literacy rate is estimated at 50%, but functional literacy could be much lower.
  • Of the roughly 10 million total population, over 50% are school age children
  • 50% of school age children are not enrolled in school
    • 30% of those who begin school will not make it to 3rd grade
    • Of those who do, 60% will leave school before 6th grade


  • Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.
  • 78% of the population live on less than $2/day.
    • The average annual household income is $444 (compared to $42,693 in america)
  • There is a 70% unemployment rate.
  • Estimates suggest that there are 750,000 orphans in Haiti
  • Over 7% of children die at birth
    • 10% of children die before age 5
  • In rural areas (like Gressier, where All Things New is located) the poverty rate is 84% with extreme poverty at 69%.


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