All Things New started even before there was an organization called “All Things New.”  After the 2010 earthquake, there was a lot of unrest and a lot of people who were left without homes.  Throughout the country there were many families and many children who were left with nothing.  The orphanage started right after the earthquake in 2010 when many of these children were gathered together by family members, local pastors, and community members to form an orphanage under the leadership of a man named Audancin Finance.

Audancin was found by a ministry close by called Christianville.  This particular ministry has a history of helping children who are in need and they did their best to step in and help these children.  A group from Pennsylvania called Juniper Community Missions (led by George Losch) put up some temporary housing for Audancin and the children and Christianville  began sending food to Audancin and the kids.  They did their best but they were spread thin after the earthquake as well and the orphanage and the kids were just getting by.

This is the condition that Matt and Jessica met Audancin and the, at the time, 27 children that would become All Things New.  RiverTown Church, where Matt was serving as Associate Pastor, sent an exploratory team consisting of Matt Bush, Jessica Bush, Jacob Kelley, and Amy Kelley to see how the church could partner in ministry with Christianville.  After seeing many of the different places that were being served by Chrsitianville, this particular orphanage stood out.  The kids were so nice, sweet, and in need of love and the group knew their church could show that love to them.  The team came home and shared with RiverTown that it was clear that GOD was calling us to this place.

Through this partnership, Jessica and Amy setup a sponsorship program where families from within RiverTown Church could sponsor, for $40/month, each of the children.  This money was supposed to provide food, clothing, school, and medical needs to each of the children, but everyone reading this knows that you cannot take care of a child for $40/month.  After that trip in December 2011, Matt and Jessica traveled to Haiti 5 times in 2012.  It was the beginning of the calling of God on their lives.

In November 2012, after much prayer, Matt and Jessica accepted God’s call to move to Haiti to run the orphanage.  This was a private decision initially as they wanted to pray and be sure that this was GOD’s calling.  As they prayed, it became abundantly clear that God was calling them to this ministry, and in January of 2013 they shared the news with RiverTown Church…It was official.  This kicked off a season of planning, preparation, fundraising, paperwork, and just overall busyness.  Neither of them had ever lived in another country, started an orphanage, began a nonprofit organization, nor had they taken this big of a step out in faith.  It was daunting for them, but simple for GOD and they tried to rest in that fact every day.

In December of 2013 the IRS approved the All Things New 501c3 application and everything was official.  Matt and Jess moved down full-time to be with their kids and GOD has been working through the ministry ever since.  We have lived on campus with 2 different, wonderful organizations (Christianville and Hope Rising) and we are about to make the move to living on our own.  GOD has been wonderful to us and we know He will continue to work in and through All Things New

A lot has been learned over the past 4 years.  It was clear that Audancin and his wife were corrupt and we were able to move the children from a place where they were being used for money, not taken care of, and exposed to things that children should not be exposed to and into the full-time care of Matt and Jessica and their wonderful employees.  If you want to read that story please click here to start the 7-part series.  The kids are doing well in school, they are happy, and they are safe.  It is time to begin figuring out how to plan for a future and how to help them succeed in a place that can be difficult to find success…


Our future is in God’s hands!  We are so excited and ready to see what He does through this orphanage and ministry in Haiti, but there are some things that we believe God is going to lead us to and we will let you know some of our vision in this section.  Hopefully we will have to update this often as God leads us to accomplish this vision for Him!

We hope to build a brand new orphanage for these children.  A place for them to call home.  A place where they can study, learn, grow, have fun, and ultimately become the men and women that God created them to be before the beginning of the world.  That is such an awesome thought to have…That GOD, before the world was even created, put these kids in our path and in turn, as you are reading this, He put them in your path as well.  Our plan is to take care of these kids, love them as our own, and help point them to their Savior no matter what.

Something that GOD has just recently been showing us and we know that He will continue lead us in this area is in our employees.  GOD has given us incredible employees that love us and love our children.  There are so few jobs in Haiti and we are so blessed to be able to provide even just a few jobs for a few wonderful families.  The funny thing is that they thank us for their job all of the time because they are so hard to come by.  The reason that this is funny is because we should be thanking them.  They take care of our children like they are their own and they truly love them.  The reason that this is part of our future is because GOD has clearly shown us that any ministry in Haiti needs to be, at least in part, a way to provide jobs to people who need work to take care of their families.  We believe that GOD will continue to send us wonderful people and we will continue to take care of each other and more importantly take care of the children that GOD brings to us.  We hope, as our ministry expands we can go from the 26 employees we currently have to be able to offer jobs to as many people as possible.  This is a part of our calling in Haiti!

But we are not stopping at the orphanage.  We know that, while GOD has definitely called us to these children, He has also called us to this community and to this nation.  GOD has given us certain skills, training, and passions that we believe He will use for His glory!  We plan on training pastors and church leaders, getting involved in education, and helping other orphanages in Haiti to get started just like we did.  We hope to be an example for Christ in this area in all aspects of life.  There are so many children who do not have families, are not being cared for, and will never be adopted, and we want to be there for them.  There are so many pastors who will never get to go to Seminary and get trained to lead their congregations and we want to help them.  There are so many people in Haiti whose basic needs are not being met and we want to help them.  But most of all, there are many people who do not know the Savior of the world Jesus Christ in a real and personal way and we want to be His instrument to bring people to Himself!